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Car Alarm Ferrari 04 Buttons Wood Colour Box Pack 9521 (China)

Car Alarm Ferrari 04 Buttons Wood Colour Box Pack 9521 (China)

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Ferrari Car Alarm with 04 Buttons - Wood Color (Model: 9521)

  • Vehicle Security: Ensure your car's safety with the Ferrari Car Alarm system. Engineered to prevent theft and unauthorized access, it offers reliable security for your vehicle.

  • User-Friendly Operation: Featuring four buttons, this car alarm system provides intuitive operation. You can easily arm, disarm, and control various functions with simple commands.

  • Sophisticated Wood Design: The wood color adds a touch of sophistication to your car's interior. It enhances the overall aesthetic while providing robust security features.

  • Box Packaging: Packaged in a box for secure storage and transportation, the Ferrari Car Alarm (Model: 9521) is easy to store and install. It's ready to be activated for immediate protection.

  • Manufactured in China: This car alarm system is manufactured in China, meeting strict quality standards to ensure durability, reliability, and high performance.

  • Model 9521: Specifically designed to meet modern security needs, the Ferrari Car Alarm (Model: 9521) offers advanced features and functionality to effectively protect your car.