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Car Inner Mirror Hanging Jewellery Design Metal Material Gold Plated Large Size Poly Bag Pack (China)

Car Inner Mirror Hanging Jewellery Design Metal Material Gold Plated Large Size Poly Bag Pack (China)

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  • Design: The jewellery-inspired design adds a touch of opulence and sophistication to your car's interior. With intricate details and elaborate patterns, it resembles a piece of fine jewellery, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle's cabin.

  • Material: Constructed from metal material and coated with a layer of gold plating, this car hanging exudes elegance and durability. The gold-plated finish gives it a lustrous shine and ensures long-lasting beauty, making it resistant to tarnishing and corrosion.

  • Size: With its large size, this car hanging is designed to be prominently displayed from your car's rearview mirror, serving as a statement piece. Its noticeable presence adds a decorative element to the interior space and catches the eye of passengers.

  • Packaging: Each car hanging is carefully packaged in a poly bag pack to protect it from scratches, dust, and other damage during transit and storage. The packaging ensures that the accessory remains in pristine condition until it is ready to be installed.

  • Versatility: In addition to its decorative function, the jewellery design car hanging may also serve as a conversation starter and a reflection of your personal style. It adds a touch of glamour to your car's interior and creates a luxurious ambiance.

  • Easy Installation: The car hanging typically comes with a string or hook for easy attachment to your car's rearview mirror. It can be installed quickly and securely without the need for any specialized tools or expertise.