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Car Inner Mirror Hanging Jewellery Design Stone Material Pearl White Large Size Poly Bag Pack (China)

Car Inner Mirror Hanging Jewellery Design Stone Material Pearl White Large Size Poly Bag Pack (China)

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  • Design: This hanging ornament features a jewellery-inspired design adorned with stones, showcasing intricate patterns and detailing that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car's interior. The pearl white finish adds elegance and sophistication, complementing various car interior styles.

  • Material: Made from high-quality stone material, the hanging ornament is durable and resilient, ensuring it retains its beauty even after prolonged use. The use of stones adds texture and visual interest to the design, creating a luxurious look that elevates your car's interior decor.

  • Size: Designed in a large size, the hanging ornament is intended to be prominently displayed from your car's rearview mirror. Its generous dimensions ensure clear visibility and make it a striking focal point within your vehicle's interior.

  • Packaging: Each hanging ornament is carefully packaged in a poly bag pack to protect it from scratches, dust, and other damage during transportation and storage. The poly bag pack helps preserve the ornament's quality until it is ready to be installed in your vehicle.

  • Versatile Decoration: The ornament's elegant design and pearl white color make it a versatile decoration that complements a wide range of car interior styles. Whether your car's interior is minimalist, modern, or traditional, this hanging ornament adds a touch of sophistication and luxury.

  • Easy Installation: Equipped with a string or hook, the hanging ornament can be easily attached to your car's rearview mirror without the need for special tools or expertise. Its lightweight construction ensures hassle-free installation and secure placement.